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Quiz Concorso Allievi Agenti nella Polizia di Stato


Quesiti Risposta Multipla

3.073) Can I borrow your guitar for a minute, please?
2.728) ... first we didn't like each other very much, but then we became friends.
3.065) Which is the past simple of the verb 'to see'?
2.720) Find the opposite meaning of the word "heat".
3.057) Choose the word or group of words which best completes the following sentence. "... were you talking?".
2.712) Where were you yesterday at 5pm?
3.049) Fill in the blank. "... are you going to leave?".
2.704) The following sentence contains one or more mistakes; choose the correct alternative. "I have never and never will ask for special treatment".
3.041) I'd like to buy the scooter .......... doesn't cost too much.
2.696) The parts of the following sentence between square brackets contain one or more mistakes; choose the correct forms. "[I'm will buy] these shoes, [they like me] a lot".


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