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Quesiti Risposta Multipla

2.895) Fill in the blank. "... time do we have?".
2.550) Fill in the blank. "There are two beds ... the cottage".
2.887) Find the opposite of the word "sunny".
2.542) I am really thirsty!
2.879) Laura .... .... very happy today.
2.534) In the following sentence the part in square brackets contains one or more mistakes. Choose the correct alternative. "The packages [has been wrapped and are all ready to be mailing] as soon as the courier arrives".
2.871) Choose the words which best complete the following sentence. "The organisation ... together countries ... the principles of the market economy".
2.526) This is the first time I _______ a sports car
2.863) The following sentence contains one or more mistakes; choose the correct alternative. "I'd like a box in chocolates please".
2.518) What does the word 'docks' mean?


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