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Quesiti Risposta Multipla

2.864) What does the word 'score' mean?
2.736) Fill in the blank. "I'm not very keen ... ice cream. I prefer cake".
3.041) I'd like to buy the scooter .......... doesn't cost too much.
2.608) Choose the word which best completes the following sentence. "His ... directions misled us; we did not know which of the two roads to take".
2.913) Fill in the blank. "See you ... !".
2.785) The parts of the following sentence between square brackets contain one or more mistakes; choose the correct forms. "[The love] is [the important thing] for your happiness".
3.090) How .your name?
2.657) Choose the alternative which is closest in meaning to the words in square brackets and which does not change the meaning of the sentence. "Building that new fireplace [has worn me out]".
2.962) Robert's room is so untidy!
2.529) The adverb 'angrily' , as an adjective is .......


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