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Quesiti Risposta Multipla

2.669) ..... .... free tomorrow afternoon?
3.006) Complete the following sentence with the right word. "I haven't seen Rita ... I was 12".
2.653) Choose the alternative which is closest in meaning to the phrase in square brackets and which does not change the meaning of the sentence. "Sally [has been vegetarian] for years".
2.990) Fill in the blank. "When was the last time you ... your brother?".
2.637) I can't find my tennis racket; can I .. yours?
2.974) What do children celebrate on the night of October 31st going around as witches and ghosts?
2.621) Be ... time. Don't be late.
2.958) Spoke' is the past simple of the verb :
2.605) Fill in the blank. "This year I received more presents ...".
2.942) The phone is ringing.' 'Who do you think it is?'


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