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Quiz Concorso Allievi Agenti nella Polizia di Stato


Quesiti Risposta Multipla

2.774) Fill in the blank. "If Michael arrives on time, we can ... the early boat".
3.079) Complete the following sentence. "The ships have ... reached the Suez Canal".
2.710) I was very tired. ... ...... my eyes open, but I couldn't.
3.015) Fill in the blank. "He explained to us ... to arrive there".
2.646) Jack has got some money; he ... ... ... to the bank.
2.951) Choose the group of words which best completes the following sentence. "The carpenter tried ... of the broken beam".
2.582) Fill in the blank. "Dr Jonas is a real ... smoker. He's always lighting up a cigarette".
2.887) Find the opposite of the word "sunny".
2.518) What does the word 'docks' mean?
2.823) I wonder if his brother lives in London.


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