Quiz Concorso per Dirigente Psicologo


Quesiti Risposta Multipla

276. Excuse me, I have an appointment with Miss Rossi.
244. I ____ your plan. I think we should do it my way.
212. The meeting was .... to another day.
180. ..........a year since we went to China.
148. Choose the correct option to fill the gap in. Stop crying Wendy! I will help you with that. I can lend you some money. Now, call your bank and check your ____ .
116. Complete the sentence with the correct preposition (referring to the context). The police pulled me (....) to check my papers and then they let me go.
84. I love classical music and ........ does she.
52. I forgot my keys, so I __________ break the window and climb _____________ .
20. Choose the correct option to complete the following sentence: We all have blue eyes, it ___ in the family!
293. Which of the following sentences has the meaning of: "intraprendere, interessarsi di"?


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